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Empowering people with disabilities using technology, community and support services

Our Vision

There are over 1.3 billion people with disabilities around the world.

Despite legislative measures and assistive technologies, there continues to be a big gap in education and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Inaccessibility of study and professional material and lack of awareness are primary challenges.

Recent advances in technology, however, makes it possible for people with disabilities to pursue several careers on an equal basis as others.

At I-Stem, our vision is to empower students and professionals with disabilities to realize their potential by enabling equal access to information, resources and opportunities.

Our Solutions

Document Accessibility

State-of-the-art AI services to provide high quality accessible documents for people with print disabilities (blind, low vision and students with certain other learning disabilities)

Support for printed or handwritten content
Advance formatting support (two column layouts, tables, headings etc.)
Support for STEM-based content
PDF remediation
Download docs, accessible PDF, HTML or MP3 formats
Escalation of documents for manual remediation in case of any errors

Document Accessibility
Audio/Video Accessibility

Audio/Video Accessibility

High quality AI-powered automated captions and text extraction from audio/videos

Support for domain-specific custom captioning (e.g. a History student can train our models on their History textbook for accurate identification of non-standard History-specific terminology)
Text extraction from videos
Ability to organize audio/video files using tags
Escalation of video captions or extracted text for manual remediation in case of errors

Want to contribute?

Interested in developing new feature? Found a bug in our app or something not working as expected? Want to help us with Documentation? Please have a look here to know how to get started.

Our Supporters

UNICEF Innovation Fund
United Nations envoy on youth